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Why French language?

The French language is an interesting language, with similarities and differences from English. French is an Indo-European language from the Latin branch. This means that these languages tend to have a higher percentage of lexical similarity Worldwide, there are more than 150, 000, 000 French language speakers. The majority of speakers live in France where 51, 000, 000 speak French as their native language. However, France is not the only country that recognizes French as their official language. The French language is also spoken in 53 other countries and French is the 10th most spoken language around the world.



The First Steps offers also French language classes for Adults, teenagers and children, from beginners to advanced level ( London / Local O/L, A/L, DELF ). The courses are based on writing, reading, listing, speaking. In each month, students are subject to regular evaluation. The students can also participate at DELF exams taking place at Alliance Française, which are well recommended worldwide.

The French course seeks to develop language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) that can be used in various activities. The course should emphasize the use of language for active communication and help students develop the following:

> The ability to understand spoken French in various contexts

> French vocabulary sufficiently suitable for reading newspapers and magazine articles, French story books, etc.

without any assistance on a dictionary

> The ability to express themselves with reasonable fluency and accuracy in both written and spoken French.

Course content can reflect intellectual interests shared by the students and teacher (the arts, current events, etc.). Materials might well include audio and/or video recordings, films, newspapers, magazines, etc.

French classes are in a very friendly atmosphere in Nugegoda & Battaramulla ( visiting classes can also be arranged ).



> Local O/L & A/L

> London O/L & A/L ( EDEXCEL or CAMBRIDGE )

> Diplôme d’Etudes de Langue Française ( DELF )

> Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française ( DALF )