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My self

My name is Amasha Ranatunga. I am eight years old. I live in Malabe. I have one brother and no sisters. I like to eat rice and curry. I like to drink milk.

My hobby is reading books. My favorite subjects are maths and environment. My ambition is to be a teacher one day. I like to play hide and seek. I am a good girl.


Amasha RANATUNGA ( 08 years old )

Preparatory grade

First Steps institute




My garden

My garden is big. It has many trees. There are two coconut trees in my garden. There is a naa tree in front if my house. Sometimes it is full of flowers. There is a fence and a wall around my garden.

It is near a narrow road. I clean my garden every day. There are flower pots and flower plants in my garden. I like my garden very much.


Buthmi WANIGASOORIYA ( 09 years old )

Grade 1

First Steps institute